Friday, November 21, 2008

Unreceptive language

If Margaret Wise Brown did work some sort of magic into Good Night Moon, the magic is definitely in the words and not just in the pictures--which I suppose I ought to have known, given that I can calm Adriana simply by reciting the words from memory without having the book nearby. Yesterday, in the middle of a chaotic "communication class" with nine other children, Adriana brought me a copy of Buenas Noches Luna. She settled into my lap and I began to read the Spanish words to the story. She whined a little bit with every page, and by the time I got to the little toy house (casa de munecas, I believe it was), she yanked the book from my hands, turned it back to the beginning, returned the book to me, and pointed. I began to recite the English words, and she leaned back against me, soothed. 

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