Friday, July 17, 2009

All fall down

Last night at 9:30, when all the other two-year-olds we know had probably been in bed for sometime, Adriana was still running around naked after her bath. All day long she'd been practicing a little stunt from her gymnastics class, and I was trying to get her to demonstrate for Brian. She never really did, but we learned two important things about her philosophy of falling:
  1. Brian warned her, "You'll fall on your head." She explained to him, "No fall on head, daddy. Fall on bottom. Fall on head hurt."
  2. Somehow she ended up standing on his hand, playing a game they were making up on the spot. She would jump off, and he would lift his hand just as she did, getting her a little further into the air than she would on her own. She would fall (onto her bottom!) and giggle and do it again. At last she did it and landed on her feet. We applauded her, and she said, "Ana no fall. Ana do one more time and fall." And this time she made sure to fall. It's more fun that way, you know.

I'm sure our downstairs neighbors just love us.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Not so sly

Upon hearing Brian turn on the bath, Adriana shrieked, "No take bath! I hide." She had been sitting with me on my (unmade) bed, and she pulled the sheet over her face and laid down, leaving her hair and hands sticking out. When Brian came in and saw what she was doing, he asked loudly, "Where's Adriana?"

She popped out from her hiding place. "Here I am! Peek-a-boo!"