Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blog? What blog?

Since it's been three months since I last managed to post something, I thought I'd hand over the story telling to Adriana. I've been trying to transcribe some of her stories as she tells them to me (when she'll let me get away with it), and this is one of my favorites of the ones I've gotten so far.

Once upon a time Adriana and Douglas and Sam and Elena and Matilda and Jacob all ride on their bikes to Eagle Park. And they go on ladders and slides. And then they dig in sand. And Adriana has red shovel and Matilda has yellow shovel and Sam has blue shovel and Elena has purple shovel and Jacob has black shovel and Douglas has pink shovel. And they dig big hole and make big tunnel. And then climb down tunnel. And at bottom tunnel there cave. And in cave there little monkey. Little like hummingbird. Little blue monkey. So little. And monkey want us paint cave. So we paint pictures on walls. Butterflies and balloons and elephants. And we paint those things on walls. And then little monkey give us mangoes. And we eat mangoes and then we climb out tunnel and find all the moms. And moms give us pizza and bath and then we go to bed. The end.