Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween report, 2008

For the third year in a row we're down at Brian's parents' house in South Pasadena for their crazy Halloween. We broke last year's record for trick-or-treaters: this year we ended up with 1,961 little beggars. At one point, we were getting about 24 per minute. Please see Tables 1 and 2:

Table 1
: 12 Years of Trick-or-Treaters

Table 2: 2008 Breakdown

We spent some time yesterday afternoon working on our jack-o'-lanterns. I'm not quite as pleased with my owl (especially for the amount of time it took) as I was with the witch I did last year, but Brian's grim reaper came out pretty well, I think:

Adriana had a fantastic time. We took her around to a few houses to check out the decorations and get mama some candy, but she really enjoyed being at the door, watching the other kids in their costume and "helping" hand out candy and water. And also looking cute: she picked out her own costume this year. I was leaning toward a dragon costume, but once she caught sight of the shiny pink wings on the butterfly costume further down the rack, I didn't stand a chance. I mean, she pulled it down and was dragging it around Old Navy. Clearly those wings were meant for her.


Casa Cornett said...

Almost 2,000?? How do you count them all? How much candy did you have to get? That's insane!

Elizabeth said...

We had 1,500 pieces of candy and 2,000 bottles of water (donated by someone my father-in-law knows), so we did run out of candy, but late in the evening, people appreciate water. Actually, even early on they seem happy about it, which surprised me the first year we did it.

As for counting, we had a sheet with 15 minute time periods marked down the side, and we made a mark in the right row each time we finished a case (24 bottles) of water.

mac4 said...

This makes our three trick-or-treaters utterly depressing. At least we have candy left over to soften the blow.

I love the fact that you have data back to 1996. I should expect as much from the folks who would produce Brian!

Andrew said...

In 1987, when we first moved in, our neighbors warned us that we would get a lot of trick or treaters - that year it poured down rain on halloween and we still got about 90...and we thought that was a lot, till we started counting...