Thursday, November 06, 2008

I have known autumn just long enough

This morning, I labeled a box "Summer clothes: 18-24 months/80cm," and put away Adriana's warm weather clothes. It's California, so it's not terribly cold yet, but I'm pretty sure we've had our last truly warm weather for a while, and tank tops and sun dresses seem unnecessary. You would think I'd be sad to see summer go: no more strawberries or nectarines at the farmers' market, no more after-work trips to the park for Brian and Adriana. But I'm happy. Halloween kicked off the holiday season for us, the season that starts with Halloween and ends with Adriana's birthday, stopping at my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and our anniversary in between. Delicata squash and sweet persimmons have arrived at the market. I no longer think it's too hot to ride my bike instead of driving (although sometimes it is too wet). The weather is perfect for hot chocolate and pumpkiny treats. I do sometimes wonder what Adriana and I are going to do with ourselves when it's been pouring for a week, but I have activities in mind and she seems to have outgrown (for now) the stage where being constantly outdoors and active is a requirement to avoid tantrums.

Plus, this year she was old enough for the pumpkin patch.

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shalini said...

Cute baby.. love your stories tooo.. May God bless you child...