Thursday, November 13, 2008

Product review: Lil Rinser

The first time I spotted the Lil Rinser at Tiny Tots I was curious about it, but decided it couldn't possibly be worth the $15 they wanted for it (and now I see that I can buy it for $9.99 elsewhere; grrrrrr). A couple of weeks of screamy bathtimes later when I was back in the store to buy our CARES Harness, I decided to go for it.

Until this summer, I still washed Adriana in the infant bathtub. It kept her reclined, so rinsing her hair was pretty easy and I didn't have to worry about water getting in her eyes. But she was getting too big, and she was beginning to enjoy playing in the water more. Since then, I have hated washing her hair. She won't lean back in the tub and won't let me cover her eyes, so every time I have to rinse her, she screams. And by screams, I do mean screams, not cries. She has really perfected her ear-piercing, horror movie scream.

The Lil Rinser basically looks like an upside-down sun visor with a handle. It has a rubber lip so it fits snuggly to Adriana's forehead but it still soft. It doesn't make shampoos perfect, but we have seen an immense improvement. Adriana doesn't like having it held to her head, so she'll fight me a little bit at first, but once she realizes that the water isn't running over her face, she seems to acquiesce. So I guess I do think it's worth the price. And I'm guessing my neighbors who no longer have to listen to the bathtime screamfest do too.

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