Friday, November 28, 2008

Product review: Lands' End 5-ounce No-iron Flannel Sheets

Dude, you know this NaBloPoMo thing has gone on too long when I start writing about bedding. Two days left!

Sheets seem like a funny thing to recommend, but I am totally in love with these sheets from Lands' End. I bought a set for our bed last winter, and loved them so much that I actually put off moving Adriana's bed into her own room until I had a set of these sheets to put on it. Until they arrived, the only twin sheets I had were bamboo, and those just weren't warm enough. (Not that she sleeps under the covers, but I knew that I would end up in there with her a lot, and I figured needed to be comfortable.) These flannel sheets seem to really hold onto body heat and I am cozy when I am between them. They are more expensive than the flannel sheets I've bought in the past, but they are also much more comfortable and have held up well through plenty of washes, whereas my cheap ones always got thin quickly and ended up with holes. The Lands' End ones are thick, and so soft they are almost velvety. They shed an incredible amount of lint in the dryer--Adriana's are bright red and I swear it looks like I killed Elmo when I clean out the lint trap afterwards--but after a year of washing mine don't seem to be getting any thinner.

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Katarina said...

Nice review..! Lands' End is my all time favorite.