Sunday, November 23, 2008

Enough shmoopiness, I'm going to babble about my hair now

My friend Lynn cut off her hair for her 30th birthday. When she told me she was going to, I couldn't believe it. I mean, I've seen her with short hair plenty of times in the nearly 20 years I've known her, but her long, straight, thick hair was just gorgeous. And then she cut it off and it seemed so cute and perfect when we went to see her, and I decided I wanted to cut my hair off too. Except then I saw a picture that Lynn took and I decided that, in spite of the frizz and tangles, I liked my long hair. 

Maybe part of it was being afraid that if I cut off my hair it would mean I was 30 and a mom. But actually it turns out that being alive for 30 years and having a kid is actually what means I'm 30 and a mom (I know!) and my hair had little to do with it. And, I remembered how nice it had felt to cut off a lot of hair about five years ago, and I kept talking about doing it, and after all that talking it would have been pretty lame to come home from the salon with just a little trim, you know? 


Ken and Belly said...

happy haircut day!

eva said...

I think you look great! It really suits you. :)

clara said...

Wow! Its really cute!
(I felt the same way about long hair when I turned 30.)

Anna said...


lynnerd said...

I love it! No more mistaking you for the nanny... :)
Happy birthday, you old goat!
(As my dad would say.)

Christie Grabyan said...

Looks great! Dare I ask, are you going to start blow drying or straightening it now to keep the look?!