Thursday, November 01, 2007

384 days until I turn 30

Last night, I had a glass of white wine, several garlic bread twists, two slices of pizza, a glass of red wine, a couple of seven-layer bars, a brownie, a slice of kahlua cream pie, four peanut butter cups, two miniature Milky Ways, and a cup of hot chocolate. That night I had a stomachache. This must be one of the downsides of getting older. I would swear I was able to eat like that not too long ago.

Must go eat through a nice green leaf now.


jfh said...

oh, YUM. lucky you! Happy Birthday. 384 days til you hit 30? Darling girl, you are still an INFANT.

Anna said...

Now I'm hungry. The chocolate binge in my near future is dedicated to you :)

Christie Grabyan said...

Maybe it's because I'm sitting here on the couch sick with a terrible cold, but I would feel sick if I ate even half that amount of pizza/chocolate/sugar. Although I could probably quadruple the amount of wine and still be ok, so maybe it's whatever you are used to ;)

Elizabeth said...

Jewel: I am hoping that when I turn 30 I will finally feel grown up.

Anna: Thanks!

Christie: It was over the course of several hours. And the bars, brownie, and pie were all fairly small. But as I lay in bed feeling sick and listed off to Brian all that I'd eaten, I wasn't surprised that I felt ill. And honestly I don't think the wine had much to do with it, other than just being a couple hundred more calories to add to the total.