Monday, October 22, 2007

An update for the grandparents

Adriana had her nine-month checkup today. We finally got to meet her new pediatrician (for her six-month visit, the doctor didn't have any appointments available on such short notice after we'd moved), and I really liked her--the way she interacted with Adriana, the manner in which she answered my questions, and also just in terms of the overall vibe I got from her.

Adriana handled the visit well. She weighed in at 20 pounds and half an ounce, and was 28.75 inches long--about the 68th percentile for weight and 83rd for height. She was a little bit clingy as the doctor examined her, and as usual wanted to grab everything tool the doctor was using. The only shot she got today was a flu shot, and that seemed to bother her less than the vaccinations she's gotten at previous visits.

Mostly I was happy because the doctor reassured me about Adriana's eating (or lack thereof), saying that breastmilk was all Adriana really needed for the first year, and that she would eat when she was ready. (Less comforting was the comment, "Well, she's precocious--just exhibiting typical difficult toddler behavior.") These are things that I knew, but it was nice to have the reassurance from the pediatrician. She did offer me a few suggestions for foods to try, so we'll be experimenting a bit with those this week.


Andrew said...

Of course she's precocious... how could she not be when she's yours (and ours).

Arwen said...

My daughter Camilla was also a slow starter with the solids, and even at a year old, I think her diet is still at least 70% breastmilk. She was also almost exactly the same size that Adriana is at nine months. Perhaps the two of them are in communication? It's a baby conspiracy!

Seriously, though, thank God for the Internet and for laid-back pediatricians, because if all I'd had was those little charts they give you about how many servings of what they should be eating at what ages, I would have been freaked out. As it was, I knew it was all okay.

Adriana is such a cutie! And she has so much hair!

clara said...

She's doing so well & looks so cute!
It sounds like you have a great doctor too.