Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When baby isn't feeling well

  1. Realize that baby is warm
  2. Take temperature
  3. Administer Tylenol, feel guilty for not noticing earlier that this might be why she was fussy, fret about whether to call doctor
  4. Nurse baby
  5. Rock baby to sleep
  6. Try to set sleeping baby down
  7. Immediately regret decision as baby fusses
  8. Return to rocker with baby
  9. Wish you'd left your book nearby
  10. Wish you had a glass of water
  11. Remained pinned to rocker with feverish baby
  12. Baby wakes up and cries
  13. Nurse baby
  14. Change baby's diaper
  15. Note that temperature is coming down
  16. Try to put baby down so you can put in a load of laundry/pick up toys/check e-mail
  17. Change your mind as baby screams
  18. Rock baby
  19. Nurse baby to sleep
  20. Baby wakes up and cries
  21. Realize that baby is warm again
  22. Return to step 2 and repeat cycle several times over next seven to eight hours
  23. Notice just before your spouse returns home and you will finally have back up that baby is feeling better and no one will believe how today went


Mama Keith said...

Hey! been there done that! lol I am in a CM group with you and would love to add you to my blog, in the links section. I am just starting so nothing amazing just yet has popped out of my head. lol

Stephanie Lewis said...

Sounds like me! Only my baby isn't feverish, he's just young! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Steph, I guess it is very much like when she was a younger baby and was in our arms all the time. It's funny how I'd already sort of forgotten. Now I'm used to playing games and going to the park and doing things around the house and then wondering where she's gotten to.