Monday, November 12, 2007

Time for cheer

A few years ago I was in Chicago for work in early November. As our taxi from Midway approached the hotel and we saw the Christmas decorations up in the windows at Marshall Fields, my boss said happily, "I love Christmas decorations." Which probably wouldn't have stuck in my head if it weren't for the fact that she was Jewish.

And I have to agree with her. I know some people are appalled at how early the Christmas marketing seems to come, but I have to admit I find it kind of exciting. I mean, seeing the Christmas section at Macy's back in September was a little strange, but I love the season. Yes, it's commercialized and the "real meaning" of the season sort of gets lost in the madness of it all, but it's still fun. There are goodies to bake, presents to wrap, secrets to keep, songs to sing. There are get togethers with friends and family. Halloween is over, the cooler weather seems to be here, and I am ready for one of my favorite times of year. (Okay, so by the time February rolls around, I'll be calling spring my favorite, I'm sure; although I just remembered that now that we're back in Calfornia, so February won't be a big horrible mess of "freezing rain" and "wintry mix," which is what an angry, vindictive god gives west coast kids who think that east coast winter precipitation is only lovely, fluffy snow. Not that I'm bitter.)

Anyhow, this is just to say that last week I came into possession of a Baby's First Christmas ornament. And that a cute little red Christmas dress that I've been wanting for the baby went on sale, so I had no choice but to purchase it. And that I started Christmas shopping. And it was all quite fun and exciting.

But I'll probably be tired of hearing "Winter Wonderland" by the end of November.


Caitlin said...

I love that your boss loves christmas decorations. I have friend who spends the entiriety of the christmas season complaining about decorations being everyone's attempt to convert her or something equally ridiculous.

It's okay to love the season's as they come, I think if I lived somewhere where the weather didn't change with the season I'd go insane.

well... goodnight.

Elizabeth said...

Well, I can understand how if you don't celebrate Christmas, the two months of being inundated with it would be irritating. I mean, I'm kind of irritated by it all by the end. Although at least around here we say "holidays" instead of Christmas and at least pretend like we aren't just talking about the Christian holiday. A Jewish friend who moved to London struggled a lot her first year there with how everyone just expected her to celebrate Christmas (including by going to a Mass with her coworkers).