Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Today it was a big cup of chai that made me happy

Last night sucked. Adriana was obviously sleepy but determined to stay awake, which she managed until about 11:15. She crashed then and I hoped that being up so late would help her to sleep well.


Let me repeat that: HA.

She was up every two hours, crying and wanting to nurse, and with the added bonus of a leaky diaper necessitating a costume change at three. She was up for the day at seven, and I groggily got up with her, dreading spending the morning with a toddler running on so little sleep. I was sure gymnastics class was going to be a disaster. With so little sleep, she would surely be clumsy and cranky and screechy.

But she had a fantastic time. The teacher had set up a tall staircase with a steep slide and Adriana clambered quickly up the steps, slid down on her belly, squealed with delight, signed "more," and ran around to do it again. Over and over and over. And over. She took intermittent breaks from the slide to jump on the trampoline, but she was always back to that slide before too long. At the end of class, she had her first fussy moment because she didn't want to stop, not even for the stamp the teacher gives the kids at the end (which sometimes I think is the highlight of gymnastics for her). But finally she followed me out, ate a good lunch, and fell asleep before the car was even out of the parking lot.

I'm blaming the horrible sleep on all the talking she is doing now. She babbles constantly, often mimics the last word we say, and will usually make an attempt at a word we ask her to say. So as much as this sleep regression sucks? It's totally worth it when I ask her to say please and instead of signing, she grins and says "Pweesh."


Shawna said...

Elizabeth, you have got to video record some of her early speech! It changes so rapidly. I forget all the early mannerisms Cedar had, and how I used to have to translate everything he said. But I have this one video that is so cute, where he does a somersault and almost lands on then-baby Sierra, and he kisses her, and says, "Chiss Say-rah so Say-rah don't twy!" (Kiss Sierra so she won't cry) It's so charming and unique, and lasts for so short a time.

King of New York Hacks said...

I was going to have the chai, but the Tequila got in the way....same results though !! LOL