Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh, Christmas tree

Last year, before Adriana was even a year old, I was determined that our family would have Christmas traditions. We picked out a tree at a lot along El Camino Real and brought it home to decorate. Which, in spite of my eagerness to start some traditions, we did while Adriana was napping. This year, though, my plan to create Lasting Holiday Traditions and Memories, Dammit (TM) actually involved participation by Adriana. We went to the tree farm, had a picnic, selected our tree, and then brought it home to decorate. I mixed up some gingerbread, and that night after dinner, we strung lights on the tree and hung up the ornaments, and then we settled down to admire our work and eat our sweet. And it was so much better than last year, because Adriana was there, pulling ornaments out of the boxes, hanging them on the low branches, and being lifted to the higher ones, and (of course) nibbling on gingerbread afterwards.

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