Friday, December 05, 2008

Product review: Trike

Kelly: Ask and you shall receive.

I took Adriana into Target a couple of days ago and she refused to ride in the carrier, stroller, or cart, so I let her walk. It actually went surprisingly well, with only two annoying incidents: first she really wanted the barrettes with the long ribbons and sparkly beads, for which her hair is much too fine, and then when she spotted her beloved trike. There was a bit of a meltdown because ADRIANA'S BIKE. That right there? Up on the shelf on display? ADRIANA'S BIKE. And her mean old mother wasn't letting her ride it. 

When I was shopping for a bike last spring, I eyed tricycles in some of the stores, wondering when Adriana would be big enough, looking forward to picking out Adriana's first trike. Maybe the shiny red one? Or the turquoise one with the streamers? What about orange with hot pink flowers? I didn't think she was big enough yet, but her grandma bought her a pink and purple Radio Flyer trike this fall, and Adriana is quite pleased. When I told her we were going on an airplane to Grandma's house last week, she signed "bike." When we were there, she would wake up in the morning and ask for it right away. She spent rainy days ride and pushing it around indoors, and was always eager to take it outside for a spin. She's about 34 inches tall, and her feet already reach the pedals comfortably. She can't pedal very well yet, but she Flintstones the thing around happily, and is positively gleeful if you'll push it so that her feet go around on the pedals. But there you have my only real objection to this trike, something that I didn't realize that I needed in a trike: a steering handle for me. After half an hour of pushing her up and down the block on Thanksgiving, my back was tired. We'll probably get her a trike for our house before too long. But I'm thinking it might have a push bar for me that doesn't require so much hunching over.


Ken and Belly said...

Oooh, thanks for sharing! I hadn't thought about the height issue. Good point about the push handle.

And, poor Adriana! It's hard to understand how a favorite toy can magically appear where it shouldn't be, and out of your reach to boot!

Marleina F said...

Quasi-lurker. :)

I just had to comment that getting the trike with the push bar is SO totally worth it! Our older daughter is 3 and got it when she was 2. Before she learned to pedal, it was awesome to be able to push/steer without a daily chiropractor visit. And once she learned to pedal, the handle made a great speed control and steering mechanism. And now that she's pretty much got it down, we take it off for level ground. Can't beat it! Oh, and her little sister (19 mos) loves to sit on the 'trunk' and get a ride!