Thursday, September 27, 2007

That's klassy with a 'k'

Or, Brian's going to be so freakin' impressed when he gets home tonight

When Adriana started to crawl, we bought cabinet latches. Brian thought he was buying adhesive ones, but it turned out the adhesive was just to help hold the latches in place so you could screw them in. Reluctant to actually screw things into the cabinets in our apartment and risk losing money when we move out, we've been meaning to check with the leasing office about this. We were able to put it off for some time, while we waited for Adriana to figure out how to open the cabinets, and then for her to realize that this was a fun activity. After chasing her away from them 44,783,293,286 times this morning (approximately), I finally went and talked to them today and was told that they "cannot grant permission to cause intentional damage to the cabinets." Punks.

There are adhesive cabinet latches available online. They're more expensive than the kind you attach with screws, but I guess I'll have to order them anyhow. But to make my life easier until they arrive, I've worked something out:

Brian thought I was kidding when I threatened to tape things shut with duct tape. Well, he's not always very observant when it comes to things I've done around the house. Maybe he won't notice?


Anna said...

Fabulous! My cat actually likes to open cabinets, and I keep thinking I need to get those child proof things for cabinets.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Elizabeth! I was just checking in to see your latest baby pictures and found your safety-proofing story! You might want to look into something like this: . We used these types of locks when our first two kids were little -- mostly because our kitchen had old metal cabinets and we couldn't get other types of latches to work!! (Back in the days of the dinosaur -- first baby is 24 now!!) These are not as pretty as a hidden latch, but will certainly do the job of protecting the munchkin!!

Hope all is well with you and the family!

Pam L.

Anonymous said...
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Jennifer said...


I think they're beautiful. (Can you tell I understand???)