Saturday, August 11, 2007

'Bout damn time

From the Washington Post: Metro Sets Passengers 'Right"

Why couldn't they have done this five years ago? Although, honestly, who really thinks this is going to solve the problem? The message isn't going to play that often, and are the tourists really going to listen to the message, even when the messages are actually audible? I think Metro needs to do what London does in the tube and put signs up and down the escalators reminding people to stand on the right.

Oh, and I don't live in DC anymore. So I shouldn't care, should I? Well, maybe this will be my last post bitching about Metro.


Christie Grabyan said...

The article says that the message will say (in part) 'You'll notice that most people stand on the right side.' I think that's a bit weak. I like the London system where the signs clearly say Walk Left, Stand Right or something like that. (I know, I know, I live here, but I never look at the actual verbiage any more and I'm sure I'm misquoting).

The point is, make it clear. As I've learned since living abroad, American are the king of obvious, and these Metro signs shouldn't be anything less.

Elizabeth said...

I couldn't remember what the signs actually say either, and I even went and looked through my London photos, hoping that I had been so enamored of the signs that I'd taken their picture, but apparently I wasn't that clever. Silly me: I need to think about the blogging possibilities when I travel.

Americans may be the kings of obvious, but the are also the kings of litigation. I read somewhere that for awhile Metro did have signs up telling people to stand on the right, but they took them down because that could have meant that they were telling people to walk on escalators, and if someone fell because of that they could get sued. I don't know if that's true, but it sounds like American logic, doesn't it?