Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mason Neck

Back in June, Brian and I ventured out to Mason Neck State Park for a nature walk. It was a beautiful, warm day, and the some of the wetlands we walked through on the Bay View trail were fascinating. Everything was so lush and bright.

Bay View trail wetlands in June

We went back this past Saturday after I read that this was a good time of year to see bald eagles in the area. It seemed like a good chance to play with my spiffy new camera. (I was also hoping that a good walk would encourage Sticky to enter the world.) We went in the late afternoon, mostly because we were lazy about getting out of the house, but we rationalized that sunset would probably be a good time to check out some birds. I was amazed at how the wetlands had changed in six months.

Bay View trail wetlands in December

It was a good walk, albeit a bit chilly, and it was fun to experiment with the optical zoom on the camera. I also need to play with all the different shooting modes on my camera. I have a feeling I can do a lot more to adjust the lighting on some shots.


pine cones

red leaves


We saw a few herons, although I was never quick enough with my camera to really catch one. And at the end of the walk we did finally glimpse an eagle, perched high in the trees at some distance from us.

Eagle silhouette

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eva said...

Beautiful pictures. Now: When is that kid coming??? ;)

Happy new year!