Tuesday, January 02, 2007


We've been spotting what Brian was sure was a hawk of some sort, and thought might be a bald eagle, out our windows over the past couple of weeks. We've taken a couple of walks around the neighborhood and down near Four Mile Run in hopes of getting a better glimpse, but we never found anything.

But this morning some loud noise from just outside our windows got Brian's attention. The hawk (not an eagle) was in our magnolia tree. He got a great view through our upstairs window, and then when the bird moved to the next magnolia over to eat its prey, he went outside to take some more pictures.

hawk perched in magnolia tree with prey

hawk perched in magnolia tree


On Sunday as we walked through Four Mile Run park looking into the bare trees for signs of an eagle nesting, we spotted a heron by the water. I didn't have the camera out and wasn't moving very quickly, so thought I had missed it, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this picture when I was downloading Brian's hawk images.

heron taking flight

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clara said...

Beautiful pictures! I think it may be a Cooper`s Hawk, they are rare but coming back to this area.