Wednesday, May 08, 2013

They finally decided on indoor soccer. Because that's going to end well.

Scene: Adriana is reading a book on the couch, sulking because I don’t have the craft supplies she wants, while Lyra jumps off the armchair repeatedly, trying to get her sister to play with her.

Lyra: Let’s play tackle!
Adriana: No, I don’t like tackle games.
Lyra: Let’s play princesses!
Adriana: Okay, you be the princess.
Lyra: Yay! I’m a princess!
Adriana: I’m the wicked queen. Go clean my room.
Lyra: I’m a wicked queen too!
Adriana: I’m an evil wizard. Poof! You’re a bumble bee! Go live in a hive.
Lyra: I’m a magic wizard bumble bee.
Adriana: Your magic is only pretend. Mine is real.
Lyra: Then I am a real bumble bee and I will sting you!
Adriana: Mama, Lyra’s being mean! (bursts into tears)

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