Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nature walk: Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

Last month when Brian's family was in town, we took them to the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve for a nature walk and picnic. It was a beautiful, perfect day.

Brian studied the map a bit afterwards and was interested in exploring one of the other trails, so we decided to go back two weeks later. And though dark, drizzly days have their own kind of beauty, Adriana is not a fan of wind in her face, a fact of which she chose to remind us every time there was a gust of wind by screaming and bursting into tears. Half a mile into the walk we opted to turn back.

But this past weekend it was spectacularly sunny and 80 degrees (and not humid!), so we decided to try once more. We did a six-mile walk this time, taking the Ancient Oaks trail to the Mindego trail. The Mindego trail eventually comes out on a fire road, and we opted not to do that last mile as it was not shaded and we were nearly out of water, but Brian's curiosity about the trail was satisfied.


clara said...

Wow! You guys are so lucky to have such beautiful places nearby.

Judith (Jay) said...

Your comment about Adriana screaming and bursting into tears at the wind in her face reminds me of a trip we made to a beach with Ruthie at that age. We drove a couple hours to get there (I can't remember the name of the place now...but you would know it), and it was windy and cold. We have pictures of Ruthie looking very unhappy. Like you, we opted out after a short period of time!