Monday, July 23, 2007

Moving in

We are settling in at our new apartment. Movers came with our furniture and 82 boxes on Thursday, and we've been unpacking ever since. Well, sort of. I may have taken a bit of a break to read Harry Potter. But Brian was unpacking (and very understanding of my lack of willpower)

Incidentally, the last time we were moving apartments? A new Harry Potter book came out. What's up with that? Last time I attempted to alternate unpacking with reading, and gave up pretty quickly and just read the book. This time I wasn't even going to open the book when it came, but yeah. No willpower. That's also why I ate an entire bag of Trader Joe's molasses cookies in two days. But that's better than eating them all in one day. Right?

So. Anyway. We are in our new apartment, after about three weeks of floating between hotels and my dad's and corporate housing. And it's good to be here, in our own space, even if that space is full of boxes and stuff that doesn't yet have a home. Even if we haven't found the energy (or space) to cook actual food for ourselves beyond veggie burgers. The cat isn't quite convinced we aren't going to put her in her carrier and tote her off to yet another location, but she is spending a bit less time hiding out in the box spring.

Unpacking boxes that the movers packed for us is a little weird. I'm not complaining. I'd rather have movers than have to pack everything myself. But there are some surprises when we unpack boxes--they are labeled with their contents, but sometimes random stuff also was thrown it because it fit. And I would have done that myself, I'm sure, but I would also have had some memory of doing it. And when I packed up my books, I would have packed them by shelf and then labeled the boxes by subject. But books were just packed, and in order to get boxes out of our house, we just put them on shelves, to be sorted later. It's probably not the most efficient way to do things, but it seemed best, although it was causing me some anxiety to have a Tennessee Williams anthology, a Michael Moore book, the Bible, The Politics of Fertility Control, and a public finance textbook all in a row on a shelf. I don't think of myself as a highly organized person, apparently my bookcases are an exception.

Although there are still boxes to be unpacked, I've stopped and instead am focusing on organizing and cleaning up a bit. I think that's good for my mental health. Sitting and reading Harry Potter (which didn't suck!) while Brian did the work was even better, but I don't think even I can rationalize a reread of it already. But I bet I could find a way to justify another trip to TJ's for some cookies.


Anna said...

Good luck unpacking! I hope you enjoy your new home. :)

the sister said...

I used to be unorganized with the exception of my cd shelf. But now I'm organized about a lot more things around the house. It's not necessarily a good thing. It causes me some amount of anxiety when I am putting laundry away and realize Robert's side of the closet is no longer sorted by style and subsorted by color. It makes me crazy if he puts the spices back in the drawer in the wrong spot. I'm not sure it's healthy. But my desk at work is completely disorganized, so maybe I have some balance.

Mary Tsao said...


I understand your bookshelf anxiety. Mine are organized by fiction/non fiction and subject. According to my own unique system, of course.