Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So fast

I was going through some photos looking for the ones I wanted for a post I was writing, but I got distracted.

How did we go from this wee squooshy monkey
Adriana two days old

to this already?
Adriana with Grandpa Andy

Oh, and so long as I'm posting gratuitous photos, I really love this one of Adriana and my sister.

Adriana laughing with Aunt Champ


The Sister said...

I really love that picture too. We are both so funny. We could entertain eachother for hours.

Jennifer said...

great pix! especially the WEE SQUOOSHY MONKEY. So darling.

Andrew said...

and grandpa is proud he made the blog...but it's clear that Adriana is the cuter of the two of us

Ann said...

I love gratuitous photos! She's a cutie.

Of course, I love your writing, too. :)