Friday, March 09, 2007

Baby's first nature walk

We took advantage of the nice weather last week to get out to Great Falls. I'm feeling pretty out of shape still, so we walked the flat tow path, rather than trying to do the Billy Goat trail. Plus, hiking over those rocks with the baby in a sling doesn't seem like a great idea. The river was quite full, I suppose due to melting snow and recent rains. I had never seen the falls and surrounding area so wild. Unfortunately, I hadn't charged the camera batteries, so we only got a few pictures, and none of the actual falls. Still, the river on the bridge out to the viewing area was pretty impressive.

muddy potomac

Elizabeth and Adriana on the bridge over the Potomac


Calin Bleu said...

She's absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pictures, it's always lovely to see photos of babies in a sling. :-)

Jennifer said...

I thought I commented on this long ago, but it must have been while Blogger's commenting was all messed up... anyway I love this pic of Adriana and you (and that looks like a Kangaroo Corner Adj. Fleece Pouch, huh???)

Elizabeth said...

It is indeed--bought after reading your recommendation.