Saturday, December 16, 2006

I'm a cranky commuter, but a happy walker

This morning I walked to the Luna Grill and Diner to meet a friend for brunch. My walk took me along a route frequented by many cyclists, and when I was halfway there, I heard a bicycle bell ring loudly, close behind me. I was already pretty far to the right, but I moved over a bit more. The ringing was so insistent that I started to wonder if it was someone I knew. I looked over my shoulder and saw two men in windbreakers and bike helmets, neither of whom I'd ever seen before.

"On your left," the first man called out, ringing his bell again. He glanced back as he passed me and then braked quickly. "Why, you're pregnant with expectation!" he exclaimed, as his companion coasted slowly past both of us.

"Yes, I am," I grinned back, as I approached him.

"You know what's the busiest day of the year in the maternity ward?" he asked. I stopped and asked him which day that would be. "Labor Day!"

He laughed at his own joke, informed me that he worked for Planned Parenthood, and pedaled away.


honeykbee said...

A joke like that? Yeah, he'd pretty much have to laugh himself.

Very cute ;)

eva said...

I told you that'd make a funny blog!

Back home in California. Burritos on the menu for tomorrow, but unfortunately so is my winter coat and scarf -- it's colder in the OC than it is in the DC! WTF?? Enjoy the California weather I left behind. Le sigh.

mary said...

Don't mess with a pregnant lady!

Speaking of which, are you still pregnant? Don't forget to let us know! Hope you're doing well, in any event.