Thursday, December 07, 2006

If I saw me coming down the street, I'd probably be tempted to make a comment, too

According to all my pregnancy books and the websites I read, I should be tired by now of having people make comments about my body. I've actually been pretty impressed with how well these authors can describe exactly how I'm feeling throughout the pregnancy, but on this one they're wrong. I have yet to received a comment that has bothered me. Well, there was the time, back when I was five months pregnant, when a woman at work asked me if I was sure I was only having one baby, given how much I was showing for that point in the pregnancy. That had me more worried than offended, though, and my ultrasound a week later cleared up the concern.

Maybe it's because most of the comments haven't seemed offensive at all. Some even make me smile:

"Lookin' good," my bus driver on my evening commute greeted me one day.

"Not much longer now, sister," said the Post Express man outside the Foggy Bottom metro as he handed me a paper.

"Looks like you're getting close," said my bus driver on my morning commute said, after lowering the bus to make it easier for me to get on.

"If I'm facing my door, I can tell it's you coming, because I see your belly first," a coworker teased me.

And my favorite, from a hobo on M Street last Friday night: "Jingle belly, jingle belly, baby's on the way!" (I actually laughed at that one, and then I gave him the change I had in my coat pocket.)

35 weeks


The Sister said...

I especially like the hobo comment. I would have given him money too.

Anonymous said...

(Second time trying to post...I'll try to remember what I typed first time around)

Liz, you look great! And I like the comfy shirt! Prego-chic.

Brian, keep your hair longer like this. Don't shave it again!

Anonymous said...

Is this when you told Brian you're pregnant?

Also: Brunch next Saturday? It's my last day in town before I go bask in the warmth of what only a Californian would call a normal Christmas. ;)

Jeff said...

Whatever you were doing to Brian when this picture was taken, I think you should keep doing it.

Elizabeth said...

Christie:Thanks! And I appreciate the endorsement of longer hair for Brian--much better than the chemo patient look, in my opinion.

Eleeza: Yes. Until Thanksgivign weekend, he just thought I'd been having too much beer and donuts. I'll email you about brunch. Bring me back a burrito from California.

Jeff: There's actually a photo taking a couple seconds later where he tried to look normal. I prefer this one. Especially for posting on the internet. Maybe I'll get him to crop it for use in the online employee directory.

The Other Elizabeth said...

Wow I was missing so many exciting things by not visiting your blog (I finally have memorized the website)! I told you when this pic was taken it would be a classic! :)

You look great - I can't wait until you have the baby so I can take a day off work and play stay at home mommy with you!

Anonymous said...

Did I say this already? Who cares? You and Bryan look more beautiful than I ever remember seeing you. Good luck with your delivery, which I just know will go well.

Anonymous said...

cute pic.

Every time I see the word Ultrasound I shutter. I shouldn't have to explain that I don't specialize Ultra-sonic fetus photography.


Elizabeth said...

When you first started working there, I did sort of laugh at the name.