Thursday, September 07, 2006


I always thought the "nesting instinct" was sort of made up, or at least that it would only set in during the last couple weeks of pregnancy. But last Friday when I was getting ready to leave work, I remembered how messy the house was and began to cry. I mean, I'm going to be bringing a baby into the house in four months. I don't know how to give birth or be a mother. But I clearly am going to be awful at it if I can't even keep my house clean. When I told Brian about my crying spell over the messiness, he was sympathetic and woke up on Saturday morning ready to do my bidding to get the house clean. I felt much better after that.

Until Monday morning. I went to get a towel out of the linen closet and realized how disorganized it has become. I sat down right where I was to cry for a few minutes, because dude, HOW CAN I BRING A BABY INTO A HOUSE WITH A DISORGANIZED LINEN CLOSET? Everything has since been pulled out, sorted through, and returned to its rightful, organized place. I have a sling, a few cute little outfits, and organized sheets and towels. What more could Sticky possibly need?


Jennifer said...

hilarious--I mean, you saw my Organization can happen post, right? If you're like me, this is your first of several closet reorgs before the baby. Enjoy it!

P.S. I still don't feel quite prepared though and my due date is LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY. [heads back to nursery for more rampant cleaning]

jfh said...

i'm so happy for you. i didn't know you were pregnant. wonderful news.

The father in law said...

When the husband was enroute to his delivery, we were still very much in the mode of cleaning and re-organizing. The good news is that the house is neat for a few days, but don't forget that neatness once Sticky arrives is much less important than the continuing attention you will give her!

perry said...

We all go through this and your father-in-law is right.

Well done Brian, pitching in is about all you can do at this stage. Expect lots of irrational behaviour for the next five months and don't worry you will have plenty of time to be completely irrational after the baby is born. Seems the hormones that affect woman during pregnancy get transferred upon the birth of our first child, thereafter we (men) become complete sops.