Monday, September 25, 2006

iTunes tech support

Are you having problems with iTunes 7 for Windows? Here is some handy tech support from The Husband:

How to replace iTunes 7 with iTunes 6

Unfortunately, iTunes 7 is a lemon. Many people have reported that music playback on Windows machines is scratchy or stutters, particularly when running other applications in the background. We went through all of the troubleshooting steps on this Apple web page, and none of them fixed the problem. In desperation, we decided to try to install iTunes 6 instead.

All of the problems went away.

Here are the steps we followed:

1) Look for a file called "My Music" -> "iTunes" -> "Previous iTunes Libraries" -> "iTunes Library -date-", where -date- is the date you installed iTunes 7 and thus wrecked the sound quality. If you don't have this file, weep quietly for a moment. You're probably going to have to rebuild any custom playlists.

2) Download iTunes 6 from Apple's web site. (Click the "Download - 36 MB" link)

3) Back up any custom playlists. (We didn't end up needing the backups, but just in case.)

4) Uninstall iTunes 7, using the Window Add/Remove Programs control panel.

5) Reboot. (C'mon, this is Windows.)

6) Install iTunes 6 using the program you downloaded earlier.

7) No reboot. (Wow! This is Windows?)

8) Start up iTunes.

9) See an error saying the "iTunes Library.itl" file was created by a later version of iTunes, and cannot be used.

10) Panic. But not for too long.

11) Go find that "iTunes Library -date-" file we mentioned in step 1.

12) Kiss an iTunes developer, if one is around. If you don't know any iTunes developers, just send Steve Jobs a sexy photo. Not all products are sensible enough to backup old versions of configuration files during upgrades.

13) Copy the file "iTunes Library" to "iTunes 7 Library." (You don't need it, but backups are good karma.)

14) Copy the file named "Previous iTunes Libraries" -> "iTunes Library -date-" over the top of the "iTunes Library" file.

15) Start up iTunes.

16) Check if the problem is fixed.

17) Be groovy.


Steph said...

Thank you! This helped me so much! I was completely frustrated with 7.0 and couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. Hopefully enough people will complain to the iTunes people and they'll fix the glitch when they come out with a newer version. Thanks again!

peter nelson said...

I'm fed up with iTunes 7 and with Apple's non-existent support.

Currently I have an 8G Nano but I'm about to get an 80G iPod. If I go back to iTunes 6.x will it work with the 80G iPod?