Thursday, April 13, 2006

Honestly, I'm not that kind of girl

Last April when The Husband and I went to Buenos Aires for the weekend, I carried just my favorite backpack. On the way to the airport, the cabbie asked where I was headed, and I told him.

"With just one bag? All the way to Argentina?" I nodded. "If I call my wife will you talk to her? We go anywhere, she take two bags like that, just for the shoes. How many shoes you taking?"

"Just the ones on my feet." He laughed, and I felt good about my ability to travel lightly.

Friday morning we're heading up to New York for the weekend. I've packed* four pairs of shoes. What's happening to me?

*Why do I not start packing until after 10 at night when I am taking an 8 am train? And why do I think, "Hmmm, I am exhausted, still have things to do to get ready, and must get up at 6 tomorrow. This is a great time to go tell the internet about all of this." Must be my excellent organizational skills.


ann said...

You are packing 4 pairs of shoes because you are going to New York. It makes perfect sense to me.

Or maybe I simply am that type of girl.

Christie Grabyan said...

I have a few ideas. 1. It always seems more difficult to pack for a few days than for 2 weeks, and 2. You know what New York is going to be like, and that you'll want going out shoes, walking shoes, etc. In Argentina, heck, you'll just wear what you have and the country will deal. You aren't trying to impress them with your fashion sense.

The Sister said...

I like to pack light also, but almost everywhere I go I pack more than one pair of shoes, but it's usually because one pair is going to get very muddy and I want clean shoes for traveling in.

If we're going dirt biking then packing light is impossible. I have a bag for my overnight stuff. Then I have my boot bag and my helmet, not to mention the bike.