Saturday, March 18, 2006


When I first read about Chocolate Decadence at the Ritz Carlton and mentioned it to The Husband, he said “I think at $30 a person, you’ve gone beyond the point of diminishing returns.” He argued that he would be content to stay home with a $2 bar of chocolate. Pffbbtt.

Christie’s reaction was more appropriate. When I sent her an IM with a link and asked if she wanted to come to Washington in March she wrote back, “Are you serious?” And when I said yes, she told me, “I’m checking for flights now.”

Unfortunately, flights were rather pricy, so Christie was unable to join me. But with many things, if I talk to The Husband as though something is true, he starts to believe me. So I’ve mentioned it every chance I’ve had since mid-February, and when he asked earlier in the week what we would be doing this weekend I said, “Well, we were going to go to the chocolate buffet, I thought.”

“Oh, that’s right. What time was it again?”


While my plan had been to have chocolate for dinner (to make sure I got my money’s worth!), we came home after work yesterday and had a light dinner of asparagus (yes, just asparagus), put on our fancy, going-to-the-Ritz clothes, and headed back into the District.

“We’re here for the chocolate,” I declared to the concierge when we walked in.

“You got a kick out of saying that, didn’t you?” The Husband whispered to me as the concierge directed us back to the lounge.

There was a large buffet against one wall, and two smaller buffets nearby. The scent of chocolate wafted across the room. Everything on the buffet looked beautiful—from mousses and puddings in martini glasses, to perfect little pieces of chocolate cake topped with sparkly gold flakes.

We ate several different kinds of chocolate cake; a chocolate pudding we weren’t very into until we discovered that it had banana at the bottom; chocolate cookies; brownies; a chocolate éclair; white chocolate pots de crème with passionfruit; and chocolate waffles with mangoes and rum ice cream. I wasn’t drinking, or I definitely would have had a chocolate martini to top it all off.



ann said...

Glorious. Of course, I'd have had the chocolate martini. :)

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Lauren said...

oh man, that needs to come to LA