Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Happy, shiny people

The sun is shining, and people are smiling and talking to one another. Is it warm weather that makes people friendly? Or is it just the change from warm weather to cold? Maybe we’ll all be keeping to ourselves again in a few weeks, but right now everyone is walking slowly, stopping to talk on the sidewalk, and smiling at strangers. No more hurrying from heated car to heated building as in the winter. And we haven’t yet reached the hot, muggy weather that will make everyone scurry between air conditioned locations without stopping to say hello to the people they pass.

I went with coworkers to eat lunch in the park today (for the third time this week). As we passed a man that was standing on the sidewalk near the picnic tables, he smiled at us.

“How are you?” one of my coworkers asked.

“Fabulous, brother,” he said, drawing each letter out slowly. “Just fabulous.”

Me too.

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