Wednesday, April 06, 2005

100 things about me

Lists like this apparently went around on blogs awhile back. I found out about it on an awesome blog I recently discovered. Since I didn't have a blog back then, I'm doing one now.


1. I would rather be near the ocean than just about anywhere else.

2. I like to fly kites.

3. Patience is not one of my virtues.

4. I have a good memory for numbers.

5. I prefer Jif or Skippy peanut butter to the natural kinds.

6. I don't care that Jif and Skippy are bad for me.

7. I don't like peanuts.

8. I keep friends for a long time.

9. I sometimes laugh before the punchline.

10. I am not a tidy person.

11. I think I have pretty feet.

12. I am a vegetarian.

13. Purple and red are my favorite colors.

14. I am allergic to cats.

15. I have a cat anyhow.

16. I think my cat is the cutest little critter ever.

17. I wish she would let me pet her belly.

18. I love pizza.

19. I wish I knew more languages.

20. I hate doing the dishes.

21. I take pride in being a liberal.

22. I hate being told what to do, especially if it was something I was
planning on doing.

23. I will sometimes not do something I was planning on doing, just because someone told me to do it.

24. I will laugh at the same joke more than once.

25. I am a Giants fan.

26. I never leave baseball games early.

27. I love Mexican food.

28. And Indian food.

29. And Italian food.

30. I like to pack light.

31. I am afraid of the dark.

32. I feel most peaceful at the beach or in a church.

33. I am not a good singer.

34. I don't like math.

35. But I'm actually not too bad at it.

36. I do things the easy way.

37. I don't wear makeup.

38. I am easy to guilt trip.

39. I sleep on my right side.

40. I like to kayak.

41. I am afraid of heights.

42. I would like to write a novel someday.

43. I like the cake more than the frosting.

44. I cry easily.

45. My feet get tired faster in museums than anywhere else.

46. I prefer history museums to art museums.

47. I like art museums best if they are small and have a theme.

48. I can be very jealous.

49. I need orange juice to start my day the way other people need coffee.

50. I like folk music.

51. I read poetry and novels.

52. My favorite part of carving a jack-o-lantern is pulling out the seeds.

53. I believe that places that make Italian sodas with Sprite are evil.

54. I can't watch scary movies.

55. I like to read travel guides.

56. I don't really like to shop.

57. Except I like doing the grocery shopping.

58. Ice cream may be my most favorite food.

59. I am surprised by how many things on this list are about food.

60. I like to have a routine.

61. I sometimes stomp my foot when I am angry.

62. I walked a marathon once.

63. I am not a very good liar.

64. I lose a pair of sunglasses every summer.

65. I lose a hat every winter.

66. I don't floss every day.

67. I tried surfing once.

68. I tried skiing once.

69. Caffeine upsets my stomach.

70. Okay, lots of things upset my stomach.

71. I like to paint my toenails.

72. I don't like to drive.

73. I tend to be a backseat driver.

74. I don't like socks.

75. I am an introvert.

76. I believe giving and receiving are both pretty good.

77. I like pens with glittery ink.

78. White wine makes me drunk faster than red.

79. I can be snobby about my writing.

80. I like apple desserts.

81. I especially like apple desserts that have lots of cinnamon.

82. People tell me I seem organized, but I'm really not.

83. I love to bake.

84. I have never really outgrown that stage girls go through in their early teens where they love dolphins.

85. But I never had a "horsie" stage.

86. I am afraid of speaking in front of groups--even small ones.

87. I am a feminist.

88. It bugs me when people try to say they are more of a feminist that someone else.

89. When I don't shave my legs it is not because of any feminist principle. It is because I am lazy.

90. I sometimes cry at movies.

91. I cry reading books more often.

92. I have cried reading a book on the Metro.

93. I worry about house fires.

94. I am a morning person.

95. I consider myself a person of faith.

96. I prefer squishy pillows.

97. I don't always handle criticism well.

98. I like to eat outside.

99. I like monkeys.

100. I like giraffes because they remind me of my grandma.


Anonymous said...

And I thought I knew a lot about you...

you didn't say you are fond of jokes that have a 30 year history...

ann said...

I agree with you about the peanut butter. I don't want to like the unhealthy version, but I do.

mica said...

Liz... this was my favorite blog... EVER.