Monday, May 19, 2014

Ideas Lyra Has When She Can't Sleep

Since we can't get a puppy, let's get a talking donkey! I will be so nice to him and give him candy so he won't be gloomy.

The moon should learn to change color for the seasons like leaves so that when you wake up and it's dark you know what season it is in case you forget.

If I had a bakery I would have a sign that said Free Carrots. And then kids would say, "Look, mama! I can eat a carrot that is healthy!" And then their mamas would take them to my bakery and be so happy they ate something healthy and so then they would buy them a cookie.

If astronauts wore glasses made out of atmosphere it wouldn't be so dark. Because even when the sun shines in space it's dark. And what if they're afraid of the dark?

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