Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Do they teach about the IRB in first grade?

I heard the door to the garage bang shut and then a few minutes later heard it again, but I didn’t get much chance to wonder when the kids would learn not to let it slam behind them because I saw Adriana dart by with a roll of duct tape.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Looking for a pair of kid scissors,” she said, and she was indeed rummaging around in the drawer where her scissors would be, but I still thought she was avoiding my question. I waited, but instead of telling me what she was working on, she called out, “Okay, Lyra, come on, I’m ready!”

Lyra came running and Adriana instructed her to stand on a small step stool against the wall. As Lyra began to oblige, I asked again.

“She’s going to stand against the wall, and I’m going to put the tape on her arms and legs. Then I’ll move the step stool and see if she sticks!”


“But it’s science! It’s to see how much tape it takes to hold a little girl to the wall!”

“That’s not science! That’s...” Okay, fine, it was science. And it was hilarious. My entire body was shaking as I tried not to laugh. “Sometimes even some science experiences are bad ideas.”

“It’s okay, Mama. I’m going to measure how much tape I use. And I’m writing it all down.”

“And it means my legs won’t get tired!” Lyra chimed in.

And really, how can you argue with logic like that? 

(Don’t worry: I totally argued with their logic. And took back my duct tape.)

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Frankie Lawson said...

Tell them to submit their idea to Mythbusters. Did you tell them how much it would hurt to have the duct tape removed?

I love Lyra's comment that she won't get tired.