Monday, January 24, 2011

My work here is done

"I can't eat pig because I can't eat Piglet because I like him, and if you eat the mommy or the daddy pig, then the little piglets will be sad. And really not the mommy pigs because all the baby pigs have to line up on her belly for their milk. I can't eat cow because I need the cow to give me milk for vanilla milk and cheese and yogurt and ice cream, and it can't do that if you eat it up. I can't eat chicken because then the kids at school would be sad if the chickens were gone, and the feathers taste bad too. I can't eat fish because they are slippery and get away and make funny faces. I can't eat bears because they might eat me first. So I'm a vegetarian."


Shawna said...

Our conversation went a little more like this:
"Poor dead piggy-wiggy!"
"Well, you don't have to eat them. I can put away this salami and find a different snack for you."
"NO! No, it's okay, I'll eat the poor dead piggy-wiggy."

Tucker Bradford said...

Oh how I love that child. Our kids are more like.
Miles: "What's this?"
Me: "It's cow"
Miles: "Yuuummmyyy"

Ruby also chose to watch a chicken slaughter at a Hidden Villa Homeschool Day. Miles and Ruby both spent waaay too long watching a guy on our dock smash crabs open and throw them in a pot of boiling water. I guess they won't be vegetarians but at least they know where their food comes from.

Christina said...

Yea, we had spare ribs tonight and Mark was sure to tell Morgan it was pig but NOT Piglet.
She said it'd be okay if it was Piglet because Piglet wouldn't be as fatty as this pig.
REally, what kid thinks it through that much? Adriana should start chess lessons...Rubiks cube or something. Hey! You could totally become famous with a youtube video of her chatting as she solves a Rubiks cube in 14 seconds. Baby genius.