Monday, June 14, 2010

Most awesome sous chef ever

Brian was out so I was the one giving Adriana her bath. I got out the conditioner.

Me: This smells sweet. You're going to smell like a jelly bean when we're finished.
Adriana: I like jelly beans. We should have jelly beans for dinner sometime.
Me: That sounds like wishful thinking. Jelly beans aren't for dinner.
Adriana: Yes they are! I had them for dinner in London.
Me: Don't be silly.
Adriana: But I did! With Abigail!
Me: Oh, you mean beans and toast? Those are baked beans, not jelly beans.
Adriana: But...jelly goes on toast.


Adriana was watching me pull vegetables out of the refrigerator.

Adriana: What are we making for dinner tonight?
Me: Ratatouille, and I think some bulgur.
Adriana: Bulgur?
Me: Yes.
Adriana: No.
Me: Yes. You like it. It's been awhile since we had it, but I know you like it. It's like rice.
Adriana: Bulgur?
Me: Bulgur.
Adriana: No. I don't like bulgur. Bulgur is yucky. I don't think bulgur is for eating.
Me: Of course it is. [I get the bag from the refrigerator and hand it to her.] You see? It's a grain, like rice is. We boil water and pour this in and then just let it sit.
Adriana: didn't come out of anyone's nose?

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kenandbelly said...

Snort. I just love this age. :)