Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mommyblogs are not complete without poop stories

One really doesn't need to write about poop on the internet. I know that. But this morning I told my dad this story over the phone, and I realized that even if it's the kind of thing only a mother and grandfather find quite so hilarious, I needed to write it down. And if I'm writing it down, I might as well tell the internet about it.

During snack time at Adriana's preschool, the teacher always reads the children at least one story. A couple of weeks ago, the story was called Not Just Chickens or something like that--all about animals besides chickens that lay eggs.*

That afternoon, Adriana was using the bathroom and afterwards as she examined the contents of the toilet**, she said. "What will hatch from my poops?"

"Nothing," I told her, and began encouraging her to flush and wash her hands.

"But my poops look like the same shape as eggs! And eggs come out chickens' bottoms and poop comes out my bottom!"

"Nothing will hatch."

"But if they do, what will they be? Baby poops? Or baby Adrianas?"

And I gave up on trying not to giggle.

*On a non-poop related note, when the teacher read that platypuses are the only egg-laying mammals, one little boy volunteer that mammals were animals with hair, and I was quite proud when Adriana said it meant animals with "mom milk." And I was amused when she pointed out that platypuses aren't the only mammals who lay eggs, because fairies do too.

**When do they stop doing that? I am so over the conversations about her waste products.


Christina said...

So true that we all talk about poop at least once. And Morgan still wants to see Vivian's poopy diapers before I throw them out (as does Viv). If it helps any, Emily and William don't care anymore. I don't know when it ended. Somewhere along the way I stopped noticing their poop schedules.

Al said...

Hi.. I just stumbled on your blog because out of the blue I remembered Julia Montgomery (Tequila Mockingbird) and I thought I would go and see if she had ever come back. It was an eery feeling to go back to her site and see it hadn't changed since I was last there.. Do you have any info on where she might have gone? Thanks