Saturday, June 27, 2009


From the backseat of the car:

"Baby no walk. Baby no talk. I help give baby bath. Dry baby off. Comb baby hair. Baby wear PJs. Baby have mom-milk. Ana gentle with baby. Give baby kiss. Want baby NOW."

It's going to be a long six or seven months, but at least Adriana seems excited about getting a sibling.


kenandbelly said...

AAAH! Congratulations to you all!

I have been seriously wondering lately whether this sort of announcement was going to appear-- given your light posting of late. ;) Caring for a toddler during early pregnancy must be exhausting. Hope this means you're feeling okay and everything's looking good! Hugs!

Pam L. in Md. said...

Hey -- CONGRATULATIONS!!! How are you feeling? I hope all is well and that you are getting some rest -- difficult with a toddler, I know, but TRY!!

Elizabeth said...

You know, Kelly, I've assumed the light posting at your end was because of all your dissertating, but maybe I should be suspicious. ;)

Thanks, Pam! Luckily Adriana still naps, so most days I lie down with her. And when I use that time for something else and get tired later, I just offer to nurse her (even though I'm trying to push her a bit towards weaning), so that I can lie down and not worry about her making mischief for 15 minutes!

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Christie said...

Yay! Congrats from Spain!