Sunday, April 05, 2009

Diaper bag packing FAIL

As we were leaving the farmers' market, Adriana announced that she had a dirty diaper. I knew I had exactly one baby wipe in the diaper bag and that I would have to be efficient, but when we got back to the car it seemed her announcement had been premature. Still, she was a bit wet, so I put a fresh diaper on her and we went on our way to the park. But as we were leaving there, she made her announcement again, and this time it was clear that she meant it. There weren't any families we knew at the park, but I headed over to one group of moms and explained my situation, and they laughed and one gave me a few wipes. And then we headed over to the restaurant for lunch so I could use the changing table there. And so I was standing there in the restroom with Adriana on the table when I discovered that the diaper I'd put on her at the car had been the last one in the diaper bag. Hedging my bets, I put Adriana's pants back on her and headed back out to the table outside where Brian and his parents were waiting for us. I explained what had happened and we all laughed, and Brian headed up to Longs to buy a pack of diapers. 

Everything was fine until Adriana announced, "Pee." 

"Should I take you to the potty inside?" I asked her.

But then the expression on her face changed. "Pee," she said with more urgency. And then my father-in-law pointed out the growing puddle beneath Adriana's chair.

Honestly, I think these were the kind of mistakes I was supposed to make when she was a few weeks old. Shouldn't I know to check what I have in my bag before leaving the house by now?


Lauren said...

It's not quite the same sort of problem, but I had a gear bag packing FAIL last weekend. I ended up at a dirt bike park two hours away with no bandana for inside my helmet, no sports bra, no shorts for under my riding pants, and only one sock.

clara said...

I can relate & you would think by now, I'd have more of a clue. I went to the National Shrine yesterday in DC and waited in a very long line for confession with Joaquin on my lap. I brought no dipes in, they were in the car. He stood up, standing in a very bowlegged way & I see the puddle on the marble floor and he looks upset. I had no extra clothes for him & Larry took him to the bathroom, dried his pants with the hand dryer & let him go commando. We just said, "please don't pee." hahaha, it happens :)

Casa Cornett said...

If it makes you feel any better I almost NEVER remember to bring diapers with me. I stopped remembering that kind of thing a few years ago when I stopped carrying a diaper bag. Fortunately we've only had one incident - big poo at the park we biked to - but the park was across the street from the grocery store so Matt walked over and bought diapers. Phew!

Our pediatrician says that waiting a bit to change them helps with potty training. See? You're being a GOOD parent! =)