Friday, August 29, 2008

Fear conquered.

Adriana is no longer afraid of her shadow. My aunt had the brilliant idea of teaching Adriana the sign for shadow. It's a complicated sign, combining the signs for "black" and "shape" (which is sort of creepy, isn't it? I mean, the first thing that brought to mind for me was Echthroi)(see, I told you Madeleine L'Engle's books were embedded in my brain), and it hasn't really taken so far.

But we've been waving at our shadows and making them dance every time she notices them, and this morning at the park, Adriana caught sight of her shadow and waved. Then she moved into the shade and stepped back out again, experimentally. I signed "shadow," and she looked at me and then back at her shadow, and continued on her way toward the swings.

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Ruthie said...

Thanks for the encouragement! =) It's only 4 days away, and I'm excited. So check back on Wednesday night, because I'll have an update. hehe