Friday, December 07, 2007

December in California

I still have the Washington Post set as my homepage, and I am still registered with a metro-area zipcode, so when I opened my browser the other day I saw that it was snowing in DC, and I was a little sad. I did love the (rare) snow that we got when we lived there. It wasn't until that afternoon when I took the baby to the park to play on the swings that I realized that it's probably best to not have snow days anymore.


clara said...

I will trade you homes for the winter, ha ha!

Anna said...

It's snowing today in Boulder, and I really appreciated seeing a snow-covered world. Of course, I've been home for an hour, and I just realized that my feet are still cold.

eva said...

But the snow misses you! Furthermore, it had all melted by this morning anyway. Come back now?

Be Inspired Always said...

We had four inches last night. I love seeing the snow, trudging through it with my 3 chocolate labs is always fun. But I hate the ice.

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