Thursday, May 31, 2007

Eight things

Eight things you may not know about me, brought to you by Ann and my insomnia:

1. I've had the same recurring dream about someone breaking into my house since I was a child. Well, it's not exactly the same every time, but close enough: someone comes to the door and I know I shouldn't open it, but I do and they force their way in. It's been going for so long now that when I'm in the dream I realize it's a dream, except then it turns out it's real life and it's really happening. Except then I wake up. It does make me nervous about answering the door sometimes.

2. I have this thing about socks: specifically, I don't like the way they feel. I am very specific about what socks I am willing to put on my feet because of this. Brian does not have this concern, so he has many socks that feel "wrong" to me. Because of this, we have a crate in our bedroom that I throw all socks into when I'm putting away wash. That way I have to touch them as little as possible. Although it does mean that I have to dig through the yucky feeling socks sometimes when I need to find some. I am so glad it's summer and I get to wear sandals all the time now.

3. There's a major part of me that doesn't want to be vegetarian anymore. I frequently decide that it's too much work, that it makes me seem ridiculously picky, and that since I don't really have ethical issues with eating meat, I should just give up vegetarianism. Then I realize that this would require me to actually put meat in my mouth and chew and swallow, and the whole idea makes me feel rather ill.

4. When I was little I was afraid of the dark and liked the hall light left on when I went to bed. When I was in the second grade, firefighters came to our school to teach us what we should do in the event of a house fire, and one of the things they told us was that we should sleep with our bedroom doors closed. Such a dilemma: I was terrified of fire, and I thought keeping my door closed would keep me safe, but then my room would be too dark. My fear of the dark won out.

5. I have "internet friends"--a group of women I met on a public internet message board. There are 12 of us and I've met 5 "in real life" now. The other six I still consider friends, and I will sometimes say, "my friend said..." and then realize that I'm talking about someone I've never actually met. And when someone asks me how I met one of these friends, I'm always embarrassed to admit that I met them online.

6. In the summer after dinner my dad would sometimes walk us up to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream. I nearly always picked Gold Medal Ribbon. Brian and I walked up to Baskin-Robbins after dinner the other night. I considered the Gold Medal Ribbon, but went with World Class Chocolate instead. I felt sort of guilty.

7. I like movies where people talk a lot and nothing much happens. But sometimes I think the best moments in those movies happen when no one is saying anything. And just so I don't sound really boring, I also really like alien invasion movies, so long as they're not too scary.

8. I love the oaks and dogwoods and magnolias and cherry trees here, and the way things blossom in the spring and burn with color in the fall, but I have missed the cypress trees that show you the shape of the wind. I am looking forward to seeing those more often.

Why, yes, this is the bloggy equivalent of a chain letter. Nevertheless, I am tagging:



the sister said...

(2) I am also picky about my socks, but I'd say not as picky as you.

(3) This sounds a lot like my lactophobia. I started with ice cream and worked my way back to all other dairy products. Maybe you could try some type of meat that doesn't sound disgusting (if any).

(4) I had the same dillema, but I got a nightlight.

(7) My most common complaint about movies is "it was to dialoguey." I prefer movies where stuff blows up.

And I'm usually against chain letters, but since there is no threat of bad luck for 40 years I guess I'll do it.

Ann said...

I hadn't thought of it being like a chain letter. But there is definitely no threat of anything bad happening if you don't play along. Only interesting posts (like this one) if you do.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, if it were really chainletteresque, I wouldn't have done it.

I'm glad that some things that I thought were weird about me actually appear to be genetic. Or at least I can attribute them to the way they were raised.

Rachel said...

I hear you on socks. I'd go barefoot all the time if I could.

Have you ever watched any Yasujiro Ozu? There's zero action and not even that much dialogue. And somehow he's not boring. I found him through Roger Ebert.

Anonymous said...

1. I've had a recurring dream since I was very little. It has something to do with huge gears, a daisy, and a park bench all in dad's hallway, but I don't remember any other details, other than the fact that it's scary

2. I love black socks, but I hate the lint they leave on my toes

3. Just realized how long it's been since I've eaten red meat

4. I like the dark, but I trip on my way to bed

5. I have tons of internet friends. They count as real friends. I've actually met a couple of them.

6. I miss being walking distance from Baskin Robins

7. Alien invasions r0x0rz. All your base are belong to us!


Anonymous said...

Go vegetarianism!:) Keep it going:)