Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Every time I check on the baby in the bassinet, I have to look at this. I've never taken a French class in my life, but I still know it's wrong, and it's driving me nuts.

Arm's Reach Co-sleeper safety warnings label

The funny thing is that we had the co-sleeper set up for two months before Adriana was born (in a futile attempt to train the cat to stay the hell out), and I didn't notice the typo until the day after we got home from the hospital.

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Jennifer said...

LOL. My super-duper fancy stroller (the Orbit Baby) has a typo on the safety warning--but in English: "Warning: stragulation hazard"

As an editor, I take personal offense! Couldn't they have used some of the money we paid for a careful copy edit?