Thursday, August 31, 2006


Yesterday on my commute home, someone offered me a seat on the train.

I was so suprised that I refused her offer.


Genevieve said...

Next time, you won't be so taken aback and you'll accept!

Did you see the Carolyn Hax column this week where a jerk writes in that since women choose to have babies, they aren't disabled when pregnant, and therefore (bizarre leap of logic here) he shouldn't have to give them a seat as a 'courtesy'? And ended by saying, 'If you can't stand, don't have a baby'? Nutcase. Carolyn took care of him very quickly, but I'm tempted to write in and say, "You idiot, a pregnant woman can have her center of gravity change on a weekly basis, so she's not as steady on a moving vehicle as she would be otherwise! you're supposed to give her a seat so she doesn't fall and injure herself and the baby, not as a 'courtesy'! Grrr.

Whenever I see a pregnant woman on the Metro, I give her a seat (if I have one). I remember the days of having to unbutton my coat so my stomach would show and people would realize that I was pregnant, because I desperately needed the seat. I couldn't balance worth a damn.

Elizabeth said...

I read that when I got home that night and it made me laugh. Maybe the woman who offered me the seat had read the column that morning.