Sunday, November 20, 2005

The big two-seven

My birthday was absolutely fantastic. After all, what can be bad about a day that starts with presents and brioche French toast, and ends with tamales and sangria? Thanks to everyone who called and emailed. Just one question: who was it that sent the yummy saltwater taffy?


Lauren said...

HA! That was me. I was so explicit in my instructions that it was a gift and they shouldn't send an invoice with the package. I guess they didn't put who it was from anywhere on the package. Anyhoo. Happy Birthday!!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks a bunch...for the tummy ache. I ate way too much taffy today.

When I mentioned the taffy to the other Lauren last night, she seemed surprised that I was eating it if I didn't know where it came from. Apparently if candy shows up at my house, I just eat it. So much for not taking candy from strangers.

matty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LIZ!!!!!!! (though very much belated)

and i agree, a day with tamales cannot be a bad day at all.

i hope all is well.