Monday, March 28, 2005

I can't think of anything to blog about, so this is what you get

I've been to 31 states, plus DC. I've also been in airports in Washington, Arizona, and Ohio, but I don't think that counts. Hopefully, I will get to go to Washington and New Mexico for work this fall.

Create your own personalized map of the USA.


lynnerd said...

Did you find this at the bottom of someone else's knot bio?

Elizabeth said...

Nope. I ran across it when I was clicking the "Next Blog" thing at the top of the screen. Unfortunately, I don't remember which blog I found it on. I am afraid of the Knot. I only go to look at your information and then I run away as quickly as possible.

jfh said...

Elizabeth. Thanks so much for showing me, through Angel, how to put this map on my blog, and then how to make it fit better. Remember me? I'm the one who went with you on the 'easy' hike up the (was it Sea Vista?)trail in Santa Cruz. jewel

ann said...

You two also sat next to each other at a birthday dinner of mine at Cloud's. I wore a very fluffy, animal print coat, sat next to Craig (a six-week wonder), and had a great birthday. Maybe we should meet again at Cloud's. I miss drinking apple martinis there (they put melted caramel on the rim of the glass), and I miss the two of you even more than the caramel. I'll show up without the crazy coat or the clueless man, I promise.


p.s. On second thought... I can promise no animal print coat, but I can't promise about the clueless man. Let's just say I won't bring that particular clueless man!

Elizabeth said...

I remember you, Jewel. But when I first saw your initials at the top of your post, I was sort of startled, as those are my boss's initials (and his e-mail address). I didn't know you had moved to Texas!

Ann: I do remember that birthday, including a funny comment from Jewel that I won't post here. I also remember a very drunk Mica coming over to say hello that night. When you're here in June, Ann, let's go drink appletinis with caramel on the rim. I know you can get them here somewhere.